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    If you are experiencing any issues with your connection here is some information and things to check before contacting support.

    Network Status can be checked here ->> NETWORK STATUS or using the links on the Homepage/Navbar

    If the Status page shows the network is up then run through the checks on our FAULTS CHECKLIST


    Generally your router won't need to be adjusted or reset but occasionally strange things happen where your connection will show as connected on the network but not pass any data. In this case turning the router off for a few seconds then back on should help your router re-establish an active connection.

    We recommend connecting devices wired to the router for best performance (Especially things like Smart TVs and Games Consoles.) and leaving WiFi only for devices without Ethernet Ports.

    IMPORTANT ADVICE! - Don't Reset your Router as this is a Factory reset that will leave you disconnected
    If ever you have any config issues with your router we have a guide we can send you, otherwise this may result in a chargeable service call to get you reconnected.


    Generally we can always reach your dish remotely which means they are always up and working unless there is a problem at your side like power or something is unplugged. The dishes are programmed to reboot themselves automatically if they ever lose contact with our network for 15 minutes. So we recommend these are left alone unless a member of support instructs you to manually power cycle the dish. We also advise on not turning them off as they may miss updates and no longer be able to connect to the network.


    Depending on your home a single router acting as an Access Point may not be enough to provide adequate coverage throughout your entire home.
    Extenders work by listening and then repeating, halfing the speed in a trade for range. This gets worse as you add more.

    Mesh WiFi systems get around this by all units working together and providing a more seamless link to the incoming internet connection as well as enhanced WiFI roaming between Mesh Nodes. Generally Mesh Wifi with 3 or more base stations is a good way of improving WiFi in the home ensuring better signals to devices.

    Speedtest Guide

    Speedtests are meaningless unless a wired test is carried out to a known good server. (There are many bad ones)
    Testing over WiFI will be impacted by the quality of connections to all devices in the home and there are too many variables that affect WiFi performance.
    3rd Party speedtest servers by no means guarantee an accurate test, as will testing over WiFi. The combination of a poor speedtest server and testing over WiFi will always yield a bad and unrepresentative result.

    We Advise against using Googles own speed test as this never reflects the actual connection speed.

    To test the speed of your connection use the following link - www.speed.ui.com

    Because there are too many variables between WiFi and devices in the home, for any trouble shooting we can only accept a wired connection test


    Latency on our network is typically around 45 milliseconds to London. Which is about as far as traffic needs to go in the UK.

    If you experience higher latency, it can often be due to the server location being outside the UK i.e.Europe or USA. The further the physical distance the higher the latency. We can remotely monitor latency from our Network.

    To troubleshoot latency it is best to double check the latency against another device in the home. You can download a ping tool from the app store and select or as the target for the test. This should give you an indication as to the real performance of your connections Latency.


    We are deploying IPv6 which should give every Xbox Open NAT

    We recommend a wired connection for Games consoles to reduce any connection/lag related issues.


    PS4/Netflix: Unfortunately Sony seem to play middleman when it comes to content delivery, meaning your PS4 can't talk to Netflix directly. This can lead to poor performance and buffering while trying to stream Netflix on your Playstation while other devices like your phone or tablet can play content without issues.

    From Sonys website:
    Do I need a Sony Entertainment Network account to access Netflix?

    Yes. Your SEN account must be signed in to the PlayStation Network in order to use Netflix.
    This means that Netflix will not be available on PlayStation 4 systems when the PlayStation Network is down for maintenance.


    We recommend a wired connection for Games consoles to reduce any connection/lag related issues.

    What we don't support

    Generally we don't provide support for devices inside your own network, as there are thousands of possible devices. So for issues with individual devices you are best to look to Google and Youtube for guides and support videos other users worldwide may have created.
    We don't support Kodi Boxes, Fire Sticks, IPTV, Printers, Issues with your PC and so on.

    Quick Summary


    Run through the steps in the FAULTS CHECKLIST

    For Anything Else Contact: support@ultranetworks.co.uk

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