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    Rural Fibre and the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme
    Whats the best option from here..

    With the launch of a new Voucher scheme from the Scottish Government to bring faster connectivity to every home in Scotland we suggest using the Voucher for Fibre to the home. (Real Fibre, not to a cabinet then the same copper line to your house)

    Wireless has been great way over the last few years to bridge the Digital Divide but ultimately lacks in speed and capacity compared to Full Fibre Internet. The Future of Wireless is best suited to the most hardest to reach homes. As Fibre networks expand into rural areas a mix of technology can be used to best serve homes depending on the area.

    With up to £5000 in funding available per property the voucher can only be used once and would be best used on delivering a Full Fibre Connection to your home. Fibre Optic Connectivity is the only internet connectivity available that is futureproof and scalabe with speeds of 25 Gigabit already possible. Ultimately Fibre Optic Connections make remote working possible and reliable as well as adding value to your home. We are coming into an age where it may be difficult to sell a home without good connectivity.

    Going forward we want to build the best network possible for the areas we serve.

    Register your interest today and we will start planning how we can get better connectivity to you. (Planning networks of this scale can take time, and there are many steps involved. Network build can only begin once projects have been approved by SBVS and all residents have accepted the Terms and Conditions of the Voucher scheme. Projects must be commercially viable so getting as much interest as possible is vital)

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