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    Our service is a High Speed, low latency wireless link directly into a fibre connection.
    Allowing us to reach areas well outwith any existing Fibre Service.

    We install a 30-60cm dish onto your house that provides the direct link back to our fibre connection.
    Giving you fibre speeds over the air.

    It only takes a few milliseconds for the signal to travel back to the mast even over a few miles
    which is a fraction of Satellite latency (600-900 milliseconds)

    Installation Steps
    Install the Dish with Bracket Run a dedicated Shielded Cable Setup your new Wireless Router
    On the day you are connected a Network Engineer will Install a wireless transponder to the outside of your property and provide you with a pre-configured router. The Network Engineer will Ensure your new Internet service is performing optimally and help you get your devices online if needed.


    At UltraNetworks we offer several packages to suit your needs.

    Ultra 50 - 500GB Monthly Peak Time Data Usage (unlimited offpeak)
    Ultra Max - Unlimited Data Usage* (Fair Use Applies)
    (offpeak times are 0000-0700)

    *We do operate a Fair/Acceptable use policy which is in place to make sure no single user affects the network performance in a way that impacts the service to others.

    18 Month Contract

    We offer an 18 Month Contract initially for our wireless internet service as there are significant costs associated with building our own infrastructure to your area. Outwith the Contract you may cancel any time. At UltraNetworks we believe in good customer service and you will always speak directly to a knowledgeable member of our team who are located in Scotland.

    Phone Service

    UltraNetworks can help you switch your landline over to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet) service for £10/m
    So you can keep your landline number if you want to.

    Terms and Conditions, Acceptable Usage Policy, Installation Terms
    Terms & Conditions of Service Acceptable Use Policy Installation Policy

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