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    Our service is a High Speed, low latency wireless link directly into a fibre connection.
    Allowing us to reach areas well outwith any existing Fibre Service.

    We install a small dish (or in some cases a big dish!) onto your house that provides the direct link back to our fibre connection.
    Giving you fibre speeds over the air.

    It only takes a few milliseconds for the signal to travel back to the mast even over a few miles
    which is a fraction of Satellite latency (600-900 milliseconds)

    Installation Steps
    Install the Dish with Bracket Run a dedicated Shielded Cable Setup your new Wireless Router
    On the day you are connected a Network Engineer will Install a wireless transponder to the outside of your property and provide you with a pre-configured router. The Network Engineer will Ensure your new Internet service is performing optimally and help you get your devices online if needed.

    Expected Speeds 25-100+ Mb/sec

    What sort of Speeds can you Expect? Anything from a minimum of 25Mb up to well over 100Mb.
    (Unlike traditional broadband which decreases the further you are from a cabinet)
    *Peak time speeds will depend on overall useage in your immediate area.


    25Mb/sec Internet Connection with 100GB Data usage - £30/month

    50Mb/sec Internet Connection with 300GB Data usage - £40/month

    50-150Mb/sec Internet Connection with Unlimited usage - £50/month

    There is no line rental charged with our service only the flat monthly fee for the package you sign up to.

    (All prices shown include VAT@20% - Speeds are subject to survey)

    Setup Fee £49 with BDUK voucher code or £299 without code

    Setup costs consist of providing customers with:
    a Wireless Internet Dish, a Dual Band AC Router, installation Labour including brackets and up to 10 metres of cabling.

    It is the Government who provide the subsidized connection discount for those who qualify (currently having speeds 2Mb or under)

    UltraNetworks are an Approved Supplier under the Better Broadband Scheme supported by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK)


    At UltraNetworks we offer several packages to suit your needs.

    Ultra 25 - 100GB Monthly Data Usage
    Ultra 50 - 300GB Monthly Data Usage
    Ultra Max - Unlimited Data Usage*

    *We do operate a Fair/Acceptable use policy which is in place to make sure no single user affects the network performance in a way that impacts the service to others.

    Comparison of Wireless Internet - UltraNetworks vs Satellite

    12 or 18 Month Contract

    We offer a 12 or 18 Month Contract initially for our wireless internet service as there are significant costs associated with building our own infrastructure to your area. The contract length is dependent on which package you select. Outwith the Contract you may cancel any time. At UltraNetworks we believe in good customer service and you will always speak directly to a knowledgeable member of our team who are located in Scotland.

    Phone Service

    UltraNetworks can help you switch your landline over to a VOIP (Voice Over Internet) service. Also as a feature of VOIP you will even be able to answer house calls from your mobile if you aren't at home.

    See Vonage for more details: CLICK HERE

    Home / Business

    We offer both Home and Business internet with a variety of packages that suit your needs.

    Our Ultra Business package includes a static IP as standard.

    We can offer a Managed Router service which can help streamline your Business IT systems.


    At UltraNetworks we believe you shouldn't even have to call us if there is a fault with your service. We operate a network with inbuilt fault detection which will notify us of any problems and we will respond to them immediately. Ringing up and having to wait on hold to complain about a fault or bad service should be a thing of the past.

    UltraNetworks - Constantly Evolving and Improving our Network. By being part of UltraNetworks your area in the future will be one of the first to receive newer technology and faster speeds instead of being left until last

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